Thursday, March 05, 2020


I was late to the game with Survivor. I can't remember what season I started watching the show, but it was pretty far in. So I missed some of the most iconic seasons.

I do remember seeing segments of shows but I could barely stand it. I would often think "why is this a 1 hour show?!". I thought this could easily be a 30 minute show. It boggled my mind that people could sit and watch people bicker about the previous person who was 86'ed, do a challenge, panic & clammer, then go 86 someone off the island again. But first, beat around the bush and talk in riddles about who they they are going to 86 off the island. This is followed by half of them smirking and half of them astonished when that someone walks up to Jeff all bewildered and he tells them it's time to go as he snuffs their torch.

This is Survivor in a nutshell.

I don't remember why I started to watch it or why I could actually watch the entire 1 hour show. I do know that in my early days I would usually fast forward (I record nearly everything I watch) through the the middle of the challenges. I would watch the beginning and the end but I didn't care what happened in the middle. I can watch the whole show now....even the challenges. But I'll admit, I might check Twitter or something during the challenges and look up if I hear Jeff calling out some interesting development.

But the show has started to drag for me. It got really repetitive and just was starting to not be very interesting. I didn't care very much for the people who were playing and I would find myself not very invested in seeing the winner. I don't even remember some seasons winners. I could see their name and picture and not know them....because it was just not that interesting. That's not the case with every season, but it has been with a lot of them lately.

However, this season - I'm really enjoying it. I know who most of the people are. I don't remember a few of them but that could be because they are from seasons I did not see or are from one of those "forgettable" seasons. I remember Tony and Sarah. I despised Tony....a lot. He's amusing, but I didn't like him. This season, I don't know why, but he's not bugging me. And the "cops R Us" thing between him and Sarah....I dig it. We'll see if it continues. So funny. Last night's episode Tyson went to Extinction Island. You can kind of see this all happening but the way they edit the show. I'm bummed by some of the people who have been voted off. Ethan was my favorite. The moment when the girls went with him as support to get his last log was very touching. You have to hope the fire tokens they got will be worth all that. I do also like Tyson because he's funny. When he was talking about Sophie being so far under the radar that he could not even remember her name, I had to laugh. And...who is Sophie? I still don't know! Speaking of radar, stay off Sandra's. If you are, your days are numbered. Somehow these fools keep her around!? I don't get it. She does not even have to do challenges! iCaramba. Ok, the challenge...I watched the whole thing. I really did not think Adam was ever going to get that last key. How tired must be have been? I can't even imagine. And the comeback with the puzzle was astounding. It was like they had put it together before and already knew where the pieces went. Truly amazing they won considering the lead the other team had and completely squandered it. But by far the best moment of the show for me was when when Tyson got to Extinction and says "Wow, you have so much firewood" and all you hear is moaning and groaning. That was classic.

Are you watching Survivor? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this season.

Until next time, remember the words of Edmund Burke: "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing"

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