Sunday, March 21, 2010

Contest Cards

I've made 8 cards to send in for the Royal Stamping Contest. The themes are love, birthday, Christmas, hello/hi, and thank you. I had a bunch of ideas but had to narrow things down to just the ones I really wanted to make. I can't just belt out cards very fast because there is a thought process and then designing them with what paper I have,'s a process. And since these are for a contest, I had to make sure they are perfect....or as perfect as I could get them. The cards I picked to make were half based on what I like and half based on what is different. Note that the cards are in a clear sleeve so there is a weird looking glare that looks like they are wet or dirty. Try to ignore that. You can click on the image to see it larger.

Card 1. Noel Christmas Card
Simple. I've looked at the card magazines and simple cards are one direction they seem to go with. The background is one big stamp and I added green ribbon and a green rhinestone in the center of the star.

Card 2. Guess Who Loves You!
This is based on a design I did for my blog friend Mike for his anniversary. Most card makers are women so it seems logical that they'd be making cards for the men in their lives. And cards for men are always harder than cards for women. So I'm trying to appeal to that with this one.

Card 3. Merci
I made a card that was like this months ago for one of my card challenges and I just like it. The dark red behind the front stamped piece is velvet ribbon. In person this is so much more pretty than the picture.

Card 4. Island Girl Birthday
My favorite!!! As soon as I made this, I was so excited. You may recall this design from my new years cards. Well, I love those so much that I wanted to use it for the contest. Keeping with being different, I colored her to have dark skin and chose the yellow and orange to compliment her. I LOVE THIS CARD. I just can't get over how cute she is. The photo is also reading darker than it really is.

Card 5. Hello! least favorite card. *Shrugs*. It's cute, but you know....gotta have a clunker I guess. I stamped the rick rack with the hello stamp in blue to be different.

Card 6. Teal Dream
This one is cute, too. It's exactly like my news years card except it has a birthday greeting.

Card 7. Christmas Peace
Anyone who knows me knows I'm the peace sign girl. It does not scream Christmas....and really, it can be "holiday" for those who don't do Christmas. It might be hard to see, but the paper is glittered so I glittered the peace sign and I glittered the word. It's much prettier in person....the camera isn't doing it justice. This is Greg's favorite.

Card 8. Hi There!
This one is just cute. You can't tell, but the conversation bubble is done with a silver glitter pen so it's bright and sparkly. Just looks dull and gray in the photo. The teal dots are also a glitter pen. The bottom edge is cut with a scallop punch and iridescent vellum is glued on the inside edge to finish it to the bottom. Hard to explain. The teal dots are on the vellum. That deer and turtle are so cute! The stamps are from the American Girl line and I've only seen a hand full of other cards that use this is my different element.

That's it! Do you think any will get published? I hope so....they were a lot of work.

Tell me what you think and which one(s) are your favorite! And wish me good luck! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It seems the blog is dying a slow death. I just never think to update it. Right now I'm trying to think of something.....and I got nothing.

Hummm....'s ok. Nothing out of the ordinary really. Same old BS.

Oh, we are taking Henry to the doctor tonight to a check-up. I forget if I posted that she can see again. She's doing great.

Speaking of cats, I had a dream last night that one of Abby's brothers showed up at our door and he was, of course, we adopted him. Please don't let that dream come true. I have too many cats as it is.


Oh! I got the idea to make a quiz that's about me! :) Let's see how you do.

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