Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Z ~ Zucchini Muffins


Here we go - alphabet project 2013!

I'm going backwards just to change things up.

Here we have zucchini muffins. Chocolate zucchini muffins to be exact! I was pretty excited to try these since zucchini muffins/bread is typically a healthier option. Unfortunately, these tasted healthy. You know what I mean....sometimes healthy stuff just doesn't cut it in the flavor department and these fell into that category. Kinda rubbery texture and the flavor is...blah. I got the recipe from a blog and I've sorta decided to stop using recipes I find on random blogs via web searches. It's been my experience that if you go to sites like allrecpies.com or epicuious.com that have a rating system, you have a pretty good chance of finding something that will be worth your time to make. People don't mince words when leaving reviews ~ you'll know if it sucks.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I think this is one of those songs you either love or don't.

It's weird because it's not something I would normally think I'd like, but I really like it. Something about sad songs. This is the original demo tape that Ryan Bingham recorded. I don't think it has ever been re-recorded.

Until I'm one with you
Until I'm one with you
My heart shall not pass through
It'll only be forsaken

Until I'm one with you
Our world is torn in two
Until I'm one with you
Our love will be mistaken

Until I'm one with you
My death they will pursue
Until I'm one with you
My life will be degraded

Until I'm one with you

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tomato Update #3

Well....not a great week for the tomatoes.

First, lost a branch. I noticed it was bending and by the end of the week it had broken off at the trunk of the plant :( Have to make sure those branches grow within the tomato cage or have to tie them to it for support. Live and learn.
broken branch

Next, I noticed that the tomatoes were not turing that red/brown color and one had split open. This started making me think I had something other than black cherry tomatoes. Indeed, this is the case. I talked to my friend who gave me the plants and she said she must have mislabeled them. What I actually have is Dr. Carolyn tomatoes. A pale yellow cherry tomato. So these have been ready to pick for over a week...which is why one of them split. I will admit I was a bit disappointed to learn I didn't have the black cherries. I've had yellow tomatoes (from the store) before and making a sauce from these won't really be what I was going for. However, I'm still grateful for the gift of the plant and we will enjoy them! There's a tiny bit of hope that the second plant will actually be a black cherry plant. The tomatoes are still green so I'm watching them for any signs of color change. We'll see.

Dr. Carolyn tomatoes

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alphabet Project - 2

A few days ago I was thinking about something....I forget what it was, but it made me think back to the alphabet project I did on Flickr a while back. I've managed to convince myself to do it again. It will keep me busy for 28 days. I could use some help with a few letters. If you have any suggestion of commonly found objects/items/products that start with the following letters, let me know!


So look for that to start soon on a blog near you!

Previous alphabet project

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