Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Impossible? 🤔

The other night I tried the Impossible Burger at Burger King. I've seen reviews of it and they were positive and I've seen the commercials that are convincing. Before I go any further, I have to reveal that I have not eaten at BK in at last 30 years. Some 30 years ago, I had eaten there and I just did not care for the taste of their burger patty. I never went back. Until now. I also have to give a spoiler here, I'm cutting out red meat from my diet in starting 1/1/2020. I hardly ever eat red meat anyway so it won't be a big deal. This is also why I was interested in the Impossible Burger because if I did want a burger, I could have an Impossible Burger. Alright, so to the review. Well, it wasn't like the commercials. Not even a little. I wasn't expecting a burger as beautiful as the ones on the commercials, but this was nothing like those. It wasn't sizzling or flame broiled or even warm. The patty was dry....not at all juicy like the commercials. The cheese was not melted. It has to be hot to melt cheese...or at least a little warm! So either the location where I had my burger had an Impossible Burger sitting around in the back that they made 2 hours earlier and gave me that one, or they do not prepare it like they do the beef burgers, which is the way their videos show it being prepared (flame broiled). I was disappointed. I might try one at a different location. But that's something else. Is Burger King in trouble? There are only 2 BK's in my area which I thought was strange. So if the 2nd location also serves less than stellar Impossible Burger's, I don't have other options. Unless of course, I go to another chain that has burgers with meatless patties. So is it impossible? Is it worth trying? I have to say no based on my experience. I'll post an update if I try another one and have better results.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried the Impossible Burger and how it was. If you have not tried it, let me know what your favorite burger joint is!

Until next time, remember the words of Edmund Burke: 
"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing"

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

100 Things About Me - UPDATE!

I was looking back at a previous post that was titled "100 Things About Me". It was fun to read what I had said about myself in 2010. Nearly all of it is still on target but a few things have changed. So I'm posting an updated list. My updates are in green.

1. I'm a natural blonde but my hair is getting a lot darker as I age - I dyed my hair brown last month :(
2. I have no idea what I did for fun before I started paper crafting.
3. I enjoy the show "Below Deck".
4. Zero interest in Facebook.  
5. I'm persnickety about things.
6. I like to cook - I still like to cook, but I would say baking over cooking.
7. Unplanned weekends are the best.
8. I have cats - had 4 down to 1.
9. Am a cat person. I understand them. They understand me.
10. Weird stuff happens to me. Seriously. Not just stuff, but weird stuff.
11. I have I have 1 friend.
12. I have the ability to see beauty in things that are not commonly considered beautiful.
13. I wish I enjoyed reading books....but I just don't anymore.
14. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the only vampire series that does it for me.
15. I don't like eggplant.
16. I live about 5 minutes from the house I grew up in.
17. I loathe jury duty.
18. I wish I could sew.
19. I have a lot of patience, but if you keep after me, it's out the door.
20. I don't have kids and have never wanted to have kids.
21. It's really hard for me to sleep unless it's quiet, soft and I'm laying down.
22. You will never get me to eat gooey duck. Google it.
23. I don't really like doing yard work. But I have a virgo husband so it works out.
24. I don't mind washing dishes. Good thing because the virgo husband ain't good at that.
25. I've owned 4 cars.
26. I'm a penny pincher.
27. Me and
28. What? I'm only on #28!? Ugh. Asleep yet? Ok, uh....I have a terrible memory.
29. I met Greg 2 days after my 21st birthday.
30. I love weddings. All the pretty things about weddings...gowns, cakes, glittery stuff.
31. Public speaking terrifies me.
32. Friendly isn't a word I'd use to describe myself. Standoff'ish would be a good word.
33. I enjoy people watching. People do a lot of stupid things so it can be entertaining.
34. Computers are nice....very helpful in life. Could not live without one. But they make me crazy.
35. Especially PC's! I'm a Mac only girl. 
36. Only on #36 now. Ok.....uh....I love Halloween. Such a fun day!
37. I let my gas tank get to empty and the light comes on. Makes Virgo husband crazy.
38. I cannot play musical instrument.
39. I don't care for snow.
40. Whipped cream is the most tasty thing on earth. So are donuts.
41. Cheese is good, too. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato good.
42. I have a bad memory, but I can remember random lines from movies.
43. I'm hooked on the Real Housewives shows. I watch them all except Atlanta.
44. Of all the ethnic foods, Asian food is my favorite!
45. Dylan McDermott is my celebrity crush.
46. I drink chai every morning.
47. If I had never met Greg, pretty sure my life would suck.
48. I like football but baseball is boring.
49. I enjoy sitting in my dark living room looking at Christmas lights. So pretty and peaceful.
50. I had a Morton's neuroma that seems to have fixed itself after wearing Kuru sneakers for a year.
51. I have no problem doing minor "surgery" on myself.
52. I'm patriotic.
53. I wish I had joined the Peace Corps when I got out of high school.
54. I think I was too sheltered. Good or bad thing? Not sure.
55. Rain makes me happy.
56. I fall asleep to the sound of rain on my iPod every night.
57. I'm doubt about it. And I like it - so there!
58. Can't dance - can't sing.
59. My first job was at McDonalds.
60. That Free Willy movie is a true story? Who would swim with an orca in the ocean? CRAZY!
61. I dream things that would be perfect to turn into romance books.
62. I am addicted to paper. And ribbon. But I don't have as much as some people.
63. Never seen any of those Lord of the Rings movies - still have not seen them.
64. I love to save quotes.
65. My husband is my favorite person. Bet you had not guessed that :)
66. I like shopping at resale stores - so fun!
67. I startle every easily....people think it's funny because I jump, but trust me, it ain't funny to me.
68. The number 19 has been my favorite number since 6th grade.
69. October is my favorite month.
70. I think 80's music is either really good or horrible. Mostly horrible. Still so true.
71. I'm dependable.
72. I'm an old dog ~ don't like change.
73. I used to eat Kipper snacks with my Dad. I can't anymore. They smell like cat food.
74. I don't need an alarm clock to get up.
75. I'm a big sap. Even commercials can make me tear-up.
76. Scary movies give me nightmares. I never watch them anymore.
77. I don't drink coffee - so we know this has changed and Pumpkin Spice is my fav!
78. I do like the smell of coffee beans.
79. I have my tonsils and appendix.
80. I don't have my wisdom teeth.
81. Almost there! My favorite smell is all the stuff cooking on Thanksgiving.
82. I can be naive.
83. I don't care for musicals but I do like the show Glee - I stopped watching Glee around season 3.
84. I use pencils over pens.
85. I will listen to country music over rap if I had to pick one.
86. I think A LOT. About all kinds of stuff. Lots of wondering. Which leads to Googling.
87.  A favorite thing to do is lay in bed with Greg and read magazines  - now we watch YouTube.
88. My cell phone is usually dead. I hardly ever use it - BIG change. I use my cell phone all the time!
89. I get distracted reallllly easily. Working....working....OOOH, butterfly!
90. I'm lazy.
91. And indecisive.
92. I wish I was the heir to a huge fortune. Who wouldn't wish that I guess.
93. I will read TV show spoilers....I'm just too curious to wait sometimes.
94. I never watched The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family or The Walton's.
95. I have an awesome imagination.
96. If I have "a calling" in life, I have no idea what it is.
97. I have dental floss in my purse, my bathrooms, my craft desk & work desk.
98. Stuff in my teeth bugs me.
99. Terrible at math. Terrible.
100. Better at spelling, but not by much! 

Leave me a comment and tell me something not many people know about you! 

Until next time, remember the words of Edmund Burke: "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing" a bakery!

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