Friday, November 02, 2012

Steve's Funeral

Steve passed away on 9/18 and when I was typing "Steve's Funeral" as the header, it was shocking to me. I can't believe he's gone. It's so hard. I think of him daily.

The first picture of the flower was taken after the service. Gabby, my nieces daughter, asked "Should we pick flowers for him?".  The last photo is a flag out side the restaurant we went to after for a tribute lunch. They asked about the purple "S" pins were we all wearing and when they leaned the story behind them, they put their flag out to honor him. That was so nice!

"Should we pick flowers for him?" - Gabby

I made "S" pins for everyone. Purple was his favorite color.

Fort Rosecrans

Coming in with the urn and flag

Placing the urn on the stand. We had a family photo attached to the back of it.

Folding the flag

playing taps

while playing taps

presenting the flag to my Dad

Chaplain Jim

Bob reading a few words. He's more than a brother-in-law....he's my big brother now. 
They put the flag out at the restaurant to honor Steve. a bakery!

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