Tuesday, September 29, 2009

City Girls "Camp"

Ok, ok. I'm back.

Just so happens I have some material to write about! And, I have a surprise! I know you are all on the edge of your seats now, but you'll have to wait a minute for the surprise.

BFF Laura and I went "camping" over the weekend. I say camping in quotes because we actually stay in a cabin now. I like it better this way. You can pee whenever you have to. You can wash your hands. Take a shower. Creature comforts. After all, I am a city girl :)

We've been going to Mt. Laguna for....oh....4 years now? Something like that. Once a year thing. This time it was spa weekend. We gave ourselves pedicures and facials. We also saw wild turkeys! They were huge. We saw woodpeckers and a giant moth. I named it Clarice. I hope you all understand why I named it that. She hung out on the porch all weekend. Gave Laura the heebie-jeebies. We played cards, ate beer nuts, took sunrise and sunset photos. Went for a 5 minute hike. It was pretty laid back and a nice get-a-way. Nothing too weird or exciting happened. Well, I did kind of ask the desk clerk in the $10 or over store if he murdered his wife. Yeah, now see I didn't really think that out very well. Here we are in the mountains in a cabin and that just has weird guy stabs "camper" headlines all over it. Next time I'll just buy my over-priced food and nix the small talk.

You can see my photos from the weekend here if you like. The first 8 are from this past weekend.

And now the thrilling surprise! I have a Twitter account! Wooooo! I can hear you all going wild with excitement!


My plan is to update there more than here. I think it will be easier since I usually have more quick things to say and it takes much less time than posting here. Tweet me if you have an account :)

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