Monday, August 25, 2008

San Diego Week In Review

Get it? Like Washington Week In Review? Oh never mind...

The in-laws were here this pas week. They left yesterday. Tell you what, for pushing 70, they have a lot of dang energy. We drove and walked all week - from SD to Hollywood. Yes, we did end up going to Hollywood and they really liked it. We took a 5.5 hour walking/bus tour that we were almost late for....had 20 minutes to spare. Thank goodness we didn't miss it or they would have been crabby as all get-out. It started at 9:30am so we had to leave at 6:30am to get through traffic. His Dad was worried the whole way up there that we would miss it. If he had his way, we would have left at 5:45am. No way. Being with them that early is bad enough, but there was no way I could handle being with them before the sun was even up. I had one thing I wanted to see. One thing - the Hollywood sign. I don't know why. I just wanted to see it and take a picture of it. I tend to fall asleep on long car there were are....

"On the right is the Viper Room where River Phoenix died of a drug overdose on Halloween morning in 1993. On the left is the diner where they shot scenes for Pulp Ficton. Ahead is the....."

....zzzzz to lala land I went. I missed a good chunk of it but that's okay. The very last thing we saw was the Hollywood sign.

"Now look to you right and keep your eyes open or you will miss it! There it is...a good glimpse of it!"

*rolls eyes*

We did go to the outlet mall so his Dad could shop. But the fact was, he shopped the entire week! No matter where we went, he found a shop. Shop, shop, shop. I am so shopped out.

Saturday Greg took them to the swap meet because his Dad suddenly had to have a poncho. A poncho? Why? I have no idea. But he wanted one and we had already been to Old Town on Monday so going back would have been a pain in the ass. They did find with some kind of cow on it. He tried it on for me when they got back. It looked preposterous. I just smiled and nodded. After the swap meet they went to the Christmas store. Then to the regular mall. I didn't go. I told Greg there was just no way I could shop and walk anymore....I wasn't going. Can't look at another knick-knack, another article of clothing, another San Diego souvenir. I said they should just go without me various times during the week.....I'd be fine. I'd nap. But no....."sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do" Greg would tell me. I can't tell you how much I hate it when he tells me that. But he finally let me off the hook on Saturday.

So the rental car is returned, the folks are back in Indiana, and we are back to the two of us doing our own thing. Feels good. Now we just need a vacation to recover from our vacation with them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

According to From Wikipedia:

Slow lorises

These slow moving strepsirrhine primates range from Borneo and the southern Philippines in Southeast Asia, through Bangladesh, Vietnam, Southern China (Yunnan area) and Thailand. Adult slow lorises range in size from 21 to 38 cm, depending on the species, and weigh up to 2 kilograms. The tail is a mere stump. The short, thick fur can have a variety of colours, mostly grey-reddish and often with whitish undertones. They have well developed thumbs, which they use to grasp and hold fast to branches, and a very flexible back. The eyes are large and the ears are small and nearly hidden in the fur. Like all lorises, slow lorises are nocturnal and arboreal animals that prefer the tops of the trees. Also, they have slow, deliberate movements and a powerful grasp that makes them very difficult to remove from branches. They live as solitaries or in small family groups.

Ok, now for some cute loris video. It is worth watching the whole thing! The look at 1:53 kills me!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Shopping Gene

This is not true of every man, but I think most men do not enjoy shopping...excluding shopping for drills and those "man" kind of things. Greg, however, enjoys most shopping. Even grocery shopping! He likes going to the book store, Old Navy, browsing in Marshall's, shoe shopping at DSW, traipsing around the mall, Pottery Barn, electronics stores, Target.....I can even get him to go to my craft stores. In fact, sometimes *he* suggests taking me to the craft stores. Plus, he is a buyer. I don't think he has ever come out of Old Navy empty handed. He's a shoppin' thing.

So, his parents are coming out in a few weeks from Indiana and they have been here 3 or 4 times now so they have done all the tourist things - I promise this ties into what I just wrote about. I was trying to think of something interesting to do while they are here and I thought of a tour of Hollywood since I know they have never been there and it's not too far to could be a day trip. We look into it and Greg finds this tour that takes you all over and you pretty much see he tells his folks. We figure this will be a sure thing. Well, turns out it's not. They seem a little less than interested. And when I say "they", I mean his Dad. I was surprised. I thought for sure his Dad would love to see all the stars hand/shoe prints and the walk of fame and all that stuff. But seems not. Instead, he told Greg he wants to make sure we get to the outlet mall they went to the last time they were out here.

The outlet mall? He wants to go to a shopping mall over seeing Hollywood?

*is confused*

Ok, whatever....not going to Hollywood will save us a lot of gas and we won't have to get up that's fine. We'll just go the mall. So father and son can shop.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Girl Talk

The exchange below is between me and a girl at work. I thought I'd share because it's a pretty funny story.

(Jane) yeah, i was tired yesterday...i got home late because i went to a bachlorette party for my friend
(Jane) they had a stripper, but he was pretty bad...
(Jane) it was hilarious to watch though
(me) oh no
(me) was he good looking at least?
(Jane) i didn't think so...kinda scrawny
(Jane) no butt
(jane) he kept showing us his stuff though
(Jane) he wasn't shy
(me) how funny
(Jane) and he had this vibrating glove that he kept trying to touch everyone with
(Jane) i wish i would have had a video camera because some of the stuff that went on was hilarious
(me) was he more of a comedy kind of guy?
(me) maybe he wasn't supposed to be sexy
(Jane) no, he was serious...he was dressed as a pizza delivery line was "who ordered the large sausage"
(me) oh my god....*laughs*
(me) sounds pretty funny
(Jane) he was too skinny though...and he wore black socks and shoes through the whole a bakery!

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