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Monday, October 10, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 9

Today is tree photo day. I know it says know. I don't live in a forest and finding a group of trees that are picture worthy isn't as easy as you'd think it would be. So it's singular. And only the trunk. This is a pine tree and it has the most beautiful bark on the trunk. I had to use this as my tree picture to show it's beauty. As with my other photos, this is best viewed large by clicking on it. The small image does not do it justice.

Okay, now I need to digress for a minute. I got some crazy looks when I was taking the photos of this tree trunk. This happens a lot. When I was taking the picture of the sky on sunflare day, you'd have thought I was trotting around in a leprechaun outfit. People just do not get it. They look at me confused and bewildered. I don't even need to be taking pictures of anything...just holding the camera is enough to draw crazy looks. This happened just last week when I was at the hotel taking the fountain photo. I was walking back and this woman was walking toward me and scowled at me. I could just hear her saying to herself:

"what the heck is she doing walking down the street with that camera!?"

Now, I know taking pictures of a tree trunk isn't something most people do....maybe something no one you'd ever know would do this, but that doesn't make it crazy. time you see someone taking a picture of something that seems, the sky or a tree trunk, think about this post. Think about me and my 30 day photo challenge. Maybe they aren't crazy or doing anything seedy. Maybe they are just looking a little closer at the things around them and finding beauty in uncommon places :)

Self-portrait ***** What I wore today
Something green ***** Someone I love
Something new ***** Technology
Something I made ***** Something fun
Fruit ***** From a distance
Flowers ***** My shoes
What I ate ***** In my bag
Pretty pattern ***** Trees
Breakfast ***** Clouds
Sunflare ***** Bokeh
Something orange ***** In motion
Long exposure ***** Purchased
Animal ***** Black and white
From a low angle ***** From a high angle
After dark ***** Close-up

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