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Friday, October 14, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 13

It's black and white day! I had to go to the doctor this morning so I took my camera with me because I knew I'd find something there to take a picture of. Remember what I was saying about people looking at you if you have a camera? It was worse at the hospital. And I took my little Canon PowerShot because there was no way I was walking around with my big camera. At one point I had a security guard hanging about 20 feet behind me just watching me. I do realize photos in a hospital are not the same as just out and about. But I was taking pictures of signs that direct you from x-ray to neurosurgery to nuclear medicine...blah, blah, blah. Really boring stuff. It was actually turning out to be a little disappointing because I wasn't getting anything very interesting. Then it happened. I was just hanging out....clicking through the setting on my camera when this guy opens the doors across from me and goes in. It was an employee only area and the doors were wide open but I knew they were about to auto shut. So I quickly snapped a picture! Honestly, this was the best thing I got the whole time I was there. Unless you think signs are interesting. Once the doors closed I looked at the picture to see if it was clear. I had no idea what setting it was on since I'd been clicking through them all. As I was looking at the picture, I noticed all the silver domes on the ceiling. Uh oh. Video cameras! So I left and checked in for my appointment early. Not that they wouldn't have found me, but I figured I better just put the camera away and end it. There you have it. The story to this rather boring photo of some dude walking into the back of the emergency room area. Sadly, no blood or guts. But it's better than pictures of signs.

Self-portrait ***** What I wore today
Something green ***** Someone I love
Something new ***** Technology
Something I made ***** Something fun
Fruit ***** From a distance
Flowers ***** My shoes
What I ate ***** In my bag
Pretty pattern ***** Trees
Breakfast ***** Clouds
Sunflare ***** Bokeh
Something orange ***** In motion
Long exposure ***** Purchased
Animal ***** Black and white
From a low angle ***** From a high angle
After dark ***** Close-up

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