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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 11

It's in my bag day! I love doing these. And I love looking at other "in my bag" photos. Not sure why exactly....maybe it's just the mystery of what's hidden in those deep bags that look so heavy. There has to be something interesting in them, right!? I say that hoping there's something interesting in mine!

Here we go from left to right:

Pink butterfly wallet
Round sliver compact mirror
Campus ID
Kiss My Face lip gloss
Smashbox lip gloss
Little plastic container (empty)
Purple ear plugs
Old receipt
Lost earring (now found)
Orange pencil case with monthly girl stuff in it
Ugly purple/yellow leopard change purse
Instruction book for my new phone
Cortizone cream (I have a bug bite)
ridiculously large carabiner clip with unknown tiny key on it
Memory stick
Very annoying green flash light that's too heavy but looks light
Flap of my Juicy messenger bag (yes, there are pom poms on it)
Set of keys - no idea were in there & would have never found had I looked for them
Cell phone not pictured because I'm using it to take the picture :)

Self-portrait ***** What I wore today
Something green ***** Someone I love
Something new ***** Technology
Something I made ***** Something fun
Fruit ***** From a distance
Flowers ***** My shoes
What I ate ***** In my bag
Pretty pattern ***** Trees
Breakfast ***** Clouds
Sunflare ***** Bokeh
Something orange ***** In motion
Long exposure ***** Purchased
Animal ***** Black and white
From a low angle ***** From a high angle
After dark ***** Close-up

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