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Monday, May 04, 2009

The weekend was fun but went too fast. Saturday was busy. I had a bunch of things to get out of the way, one of which was mounting photos to foam core board to enter in the fair. I had a photo to do a test mount with and that so. Had to get Greg to help me and when we got it all done, there were air bubbles under the photo and some kind of sticky residue on the photo that would not come off. Greg announced that we would just have to take them to have them professionally mounted since he had no faith in our amateur abilities. After calling around we found a place to have it done and took them over. They might be ready tonight and I'm pretty excited to see how they turn out.

Sunday BBF Laura came over and we went to Greg's softball game and then to dinner. Laura surprised me with a copy of a book that features one of my photographs on the cover. The story goes, a few months ago she told me of an opportunity to take a photo for the cover of a book. I will admit that initially I wasn't very into the took a little bit of convincing. What they needed was a mouthwatering smore photo. I did agree to see what we could come up with. We got in the kitchen and she pretty much made all the smores (many smores) and I just took pictures of the mouthwatering ones....ate a few, too. One did get selected for the cover ~ see it here. For someone who isn't trying very hard to get published, I'm not doing too shabby! Much of the thanks go to Laura for seeing the opportunity and suggesting it, making them, and supporting me during the process. There should be a line of credit for her as well....but since there isn't, I am giving it here ;) *Hugs to Laura*


Anonymous said...

Awwww, thanks! *blushing*


Anonymous said...

that is pretty amazing aime. you seem to be published quite a bit actually.

i thought for sure the picture you were talking about was the one that is a like triple decked smore... lol.

but you inspired me to eat one tonight. =]


MsOktober said...

Thanks, MsMarch! Hope your smore was good :)