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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I had to look at my 101 things list again just to stay on top of things and see if I inadvertently done something and forgot to cross it off. I crossed off number 11 because all it says is "a photo worth some money" and I did get I say it counts....

1. See The Boss in concert
2. Go to the Oprah show
3. Go back to Denmark
4. Live by the sea
5. Go to New York at Christmastime
6. Sell something on Etsy
7. Retire early (please, please, please)
8. Or at least work less than 40 hours a week...
9. Plus, work more than one day a week from home...
10. Then, when I retire, volunteer at an animal shelter
11. Take a money shot (a photo worth some money)
12. Publish something (written)
13. Go see Maya Angelou speak (I better get on this one)
14. Take the Coast Starlight from LA to Seattle
15. Wear a public....and feel ok about it
16. Take Greg to a Bobby Flay restaurant
17. Go to Prince Edward Island
18. Have a fancy Christmas party at my house
19. Go on a shopping spree with someone else's money
20. Have a realllllly beautiful craft room/office
21. Snorkel and see lots of pretty (small) fish
22. Go to Ireland
23. Age well
24. Wear a ball style gown to a fancy event
25. Enjoy reading again
26. Eat a croissant in France
27. Understand what all the buttons on my camera do
28. Renew our vows
29. Take the White House tour
30. See the Vietnam War Memorial
31. Have my backyard be spectacularly beautiful
32. Take a road trip across America
33. Stay at a nice ski lodge while it snows outside
34. Cook like Ina Garten
35. Have a chef quality kitchen
36. Feel peace
37. Love my hair!
38. Go to some kind of craft convention
39. Sell my baked goods
40. Be healthy
41. Live green(er)
42. Take an Alaskan cruise
43. Eat 70% organic
44. Have a photo of mine in a magazine or calendar
45. Camp at the Wild Animal Park
46. Win a costume contest
47. Decorate my *entire* house
48. Sponsor a needy child
49. Clean out my craft room closet (ugh)
50. Well....keep my craft room clean in general
51. Be on the Martha Stewart show (dream big, right?)
52. Have less regret
53. Make outstanding coleslaw
54. Go on a spa retreat
55. Stop passing up opportunity
56. Speak German well (ha!)
57. Learn to line dance well (ha!)
58. Discover California culinarily
59. Vacation in the Hamptons
60. Worry less about what others think
61. Love hard...forgive harder
62. See the cherry blossoms in DC in spring
63. Watch all my Buffy DVD's again
64. Take another photography class
65. Be an extra
66. Write an autobiography...could be interesting
67. Grow a vegetable garden
68. Learn to sew
69. Meet my neighbors...hopefully new ones
70. Run thru the sprinklers every summer
71. Feel financially secure
72. Give 100 Barbie dolls away at Christmas!
73. See the 17 mile drive in a convertible
74. Bake more. A lot more.
75. Send Oprah a birthday card
76. Have a lemon tree in the back yard
77. Make homemade lemonade more than once a year
78. Wear jewelry again
79. See more movies
80. See more sunsets
81. See more sunrises
82. Live my life the way I want to
83. Get a more professional massages
84. Buy a custom pair of jeans
85. Eat at Spago's in Beverly Hills for my birthday one year
86. Leave work at lunch more...I usually sit at my desk
87. Use those darn exercise videos I bought!
88. Take an art class of some kind
89. Go to Atlantis
90. Start scrapbooking my photos
91. Turn my bedroom into an relaxing resort style retreat
92. Learn more history
93. Ride a horse on the beach
94. Make persimmon cookies or bread
95. Go to one of my high school reunions (yes,, too)
96. Get a Sleep Number or TempurPedic bed
97. Take more pictures of Henry...our oldest girl
98. Have picnic style dinners at the beach with Greg a few times a year
99. Make sculpey ornaments for the Christmas tree (example)
100. Leave work
101. Make a difference


Anonymous said...

next time you go up north to visit my parents you should borrow my dad's miata and drive down the 17-mile drive. that way you can cross that one off too. =]


Anonymous said...

and i'd say that technically #12 can be crossed off seeing as your photos have been published multiple times. =]


Anonymous said...

Does "having" a Sculpey ornament (#99) on your tree count? If not, I have all the clay to make one...don't buy clay!!


MsOktober said...

MsMarch....yeah, I'm sure your Dad will just let me borrow the problem. *laughs*

BFF, maybe I will make smores! :)