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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bella Stamps

There is a line of rubber stamps called "Stamping Bella" that are *very* popular. Bella, a woman, is featured on the stamps. It seems like all the stamping blogs I read have cards that feature these Bella stamps. I've looked at their site and the stamps are cute and all, but there is one thing I can't get past ~ she has no hands. Well, she does, but they are just sticks. the rest of her is normal ~ she has normal legs and head and all that, but then she has these stick arms and some kind of little oval for hands. See them here. In some cases it isn't really something you'd focus on, but in other cases it's all I notice. Maybe it's just me? See if it's something you think you'd notice if I had not pointed it out. The only 2 I'm interested in are "bikababeabella" and "cruisabella" on page 1.


stamping bella said...

Hi there,
thank you for visiting our website :)
We have 10 artists working for us so if Bella isn't your 'thing', I am sure another image from my other artists would please you :)

Anonymous said...

the link didnt work. =[


MsOktober said...

I fixed the link, but if it does not work go to:

And click on "stamps" and then "Bellas"

Linda Beeson said...

Well, I hadn't noticed that of the Bella's but I love the little personality she manages to give them! Watch CPS next week!!!