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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am, without a doubt, old school.

Technology is impressive, but it does not woo me. Don't get me wrong, I love eating my microwave popcorn while sitting in my living room with a computer in my lap and watching stuff recorded on my DVR. These things are great and life would indeed suck without them, but I just don't get all hot and bothered like some people (Greg) when new things come out. To be honest with you, I don't even know what is out there! I just don't care. I guess maybe I figure I will hear about it all in good time.

The prime example of this is my TV. I can't remember how long it's been, but we have this gigantic TV in our living room. I call it "my TV" because Greg has one in "his room". His TV is all fancy and slick. It's a Vizio and I'm pretty sure the reason he got that brand is because LaDainian Tomlinson is a spokes person for them. But back to my TV. It isn't one of those that sits on the floor and is taller than me. It's got, know...junk in the trunk. It's as big front to back as it is across the front of the screen. And I think it might be 500 pounds. Seriously. I've had to move it several times so I know. Don't ask me how big the screen is...I have no frickin' idea. It's big. HOWEVER, if you were to ask the hubs if it's big, he'd tell you it's small. The man is all about screen size. The one we had before the 500 pounder was good. I was happy with it. Probably your standard 32" or something. Worked fine. My sister has it now. Still works fine as far as I know. We gave it to her because we got the gigantic 500 pounder. But Greg would be so happy if I told him I wanted a new happy. We'd be at the electronic store so fast I'd get dizzy. But chances are I won't be saying that until the 500 pounder bites the dust. And TV's can last a long who knows when that will be. Course, now that I said that, I will go out to turn it on and I'll hear a pop and smoke will rise from the back of it....Murphy's Law and all. When and if that happens, I want one that will hang on the wall. like a picture. That is one thing about the 500 pounder, being gigantic and all, it takes up a lot of room. So a TV on the wall would be good. I'm just not in any rush. Oh, and when we get that, I don't think it will be "my TV" anymore. He'll be out there watching Ohio State and all his geek TV shows on it. The only normal TV shows he watches is Food Network. Oh, and the History channel....World War II stuff. Submarine shows, Russian Army, all that military stuff. He says it's interesting. And it is, but I watch one of those shows and I'm good. He can watch 10 of them. iCaramba....he's been hanging around my Dad too much. He really should be a geek computer guy for the military. That is just so him. And I bet they have a softball team. (*chuckles*)

Anyway, the TV thing is just and example of how I'm old school. And don't even get me started on the telephone.

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