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Friday, January 16, 2009

This is just me being curious.

Hypothetical Situation:

You are out having lunch and you enter your business card into a free lunch drawing for you and your co-workers. Two weeks later the place calls and says you are that weeks winner for their "Big Beefy Sandwiches with special sauce". Yah! So they get all your info, location, how many people blah, blah, blah. They tell you they will deliver lunch on Friday (they call Tuesday). So you email everyone you work with and tell them the good news! Shortly after you send the email, you start getting replies.

"Um, I'm a vegetarian...will they swap their Big Beefy Sandwich for a Super Tofu Deluxe?"

"Oh man, I am not a fan of the special sauce....can you ask them to make one with the big bang sauce instead?"

"That's great! I love their Marvelous Chinese Chicken Salad...can I give you money and have them bring one of those for me?

Ok, so the question is, do you call "Yummy Tummy Lunch Shop" and ask them to make all these substitutions knowing that the at the time you dropped your business card into the fish bowl it said it was for a "Big Beefy Sandwich lunch".

Or, do you tell everyone that it's a Big Beefy Sandwich promo that the Yummy Tummy Lunch Shop is doing.....because really, that's what it is, and you don't think it's right to ask for a bunch of substitutions/changes when the meal is free.

Or would you do something other than one of those 2 options?


Anonymous said...

i tell them to suck it up, or bring their own lunch... =]

it's free for peets sake!


Mike said...

I never put my card in those fish bowls in the first place...too often it can lead to exactly what you describe.

Not that it came back and bit you in the arse....but it certainly was "more" than you wanted....good luck