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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday Night Football

These games that come down to the last few minutes are starting to take their toll on Charger fans.....iCaramba. But the 70 thousand people who bought tickets for the game got their moneys was a hell of a game. And the fans were in it for sure. That stadium was super charged! And LT on the sideline? No worries - we have the lighting fast Darren Sproles! I mean, is that little guy fast or what? There was a shot of Rivers who stands at 6'5" picking up and carrying Sproles who is only 5'6". Classic. I love that stuff.

So we're off to do it again next weekend....and if we're more after that!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Congrats....I love the local TCU kid, LT.....but Sproles is one bad dude.