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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Greg asked me if I was making any resolutions for 2009.....I said I didn't know. I really have not thought very much about it. Yesterday I started wondering how I did on my 2008 resolutions.....I could not remember even one of them. So I looked up my post about it:

2008 Resolutions

So lets see....

Cards....I did make more cards...a lot more. And pretty nice ones!

Health....I took care of the blood pressure issue, so I feel good about that one.

Photos....humm. Sadly, I took even less photos in 2008 than I did in 2007.

Baking....well.....I did bake, but not really that much.

Decorate. Ack. In the 2008 post I said I had my master bathroom 90% done and that there was a bag of things on the floor to use. It's still at 90% and the bag is no longer on the's on a shelf now. So....not doing so good.

Write. I hardly blogged last year let alone write anything interesting!

But I made cards and got that's something. I think rather than making up a new list of things to do, I will just work on the ones I didn't accomplish and make sure I stick with the ones I did accomplish.

2009 Resolutions

Take more photos

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