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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What are the chances.

As you all know, I watch Oprah. She had a show a few weeks ago about two couples who adopted baby girls from China. The two couples used the same adpotion agency but live 100's of miles from each other. The agency has a message board the adoptive parents can use to talk to each other....share stories, meet other adoptive parents in their area, etc. So one day one of the Mom's is online and one notices another Mom has a daughter named Mia who is 3 years old. That's her daughters name, too! She thought that was weird because she does not hear of many Mia's, let alone another one who is 3 years old. She wrote to the woman and asked when her birthday was. The answer was June 12. Her daughter's birthday was June 13th! She quickly wrote back and asked where her baby had been found. Both babies had been abandoned at the same factory within days of each other. They swaped photos.

Their daughters are identical twins. DNA tests sealed it.

But how did they have the same name? Both named Mia?!

It had to be divine intervention. Neither baby was named when they were adopted. Both couples named their daughters Mia out of sheer coincidence! It also had to be divine intervention that the two Mom's would find each other on the message board.

On August 2006, the twin sisters met each other. Moments after meeting, they were walking through the airport, holding hands. They had never met or seen each other before, but it was like an instant click. Both families travel to see each other frequently.


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