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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a little blue

I've been feeling a little blue lately. I can't really put a finger on why....I'm sure it will pass eventually.

I finally sent my cards in for the Paper Crafts contest. Sending 6 total. Some you've seen and some you have not seen. I just don't feel like posting all the links. Below is a link to the card I like the best and just happened to be the hardest to make. After 3 attempts at making it, I finally got one that would pass. It's not perfectly lined up or "exact" in any way shape or form, but it's not supposed to be. It's got that "home spun" feel to it. Hopefully the judges will get that when they look at it. My saving grace is, I know the judges will be be stampers/card makers, so they will understand all the work that went into a card like this. It's in the "creative use of alphabet stamps" catagory. So wish me luck. Here's the card. That photo, by the way, does not do the card justice. It's much better looking in person.

I'll close with a funny story I heard about. This grandmother visiting her teenage gradkids went out to the beach with them. She stood at the shoreline watching them play in the surf on their boogie boards. When one of them got a little to far out, she started to get a little nervous and called to her to come in a little bit. However, the grandkid could not hear her. Panicked and unsure of what to do, the grandmother stated yelling, jumping and waving her arms to get the grandkids attention. Well, all this commotion was enough to make the grandmas dentures come flying out of her mouth, both upper and lower, and land in the incoming tide. The shriek from this happening got all of her gradkids attention and they came rushing in to see what was wrong. When they get to shore, they see grandma on her hands and knees in a panic looking for something. A moment later, they see a wave woosh over grandma. She was soaked. And the dentures....they had rolled out with the tide. The next day when they got back from boogie boarding, they told her they saw a fish wearing her teeth.

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Mike said...

...yeah, I saw that happen the other day...a fish wearing grannys dentures.....ummmm, I thought it was going to be a "funny story". you the hardest of times.

As far as feeling blue....turn that frown upside down and go watch a parade !!! that's the best (or worst) I can come up with...

Take care