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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some people are just meant to find things.

I find cell phones. I've found 4 in the last year.

Today I headed to my favorite little outdoor lunch spot that is kind of off the beaten path. I like it for that reason. As I sit down and notice a cell phone about 3 feet away. I picked it up and here was a text message on the screen that started out "hi love, just want to say hello..."

Now I have got to be the worst person when it comes to understanding how to use a cell phone. I have one, but I never have it with me. I use it maybe once every 4 months. Maybe. So I start pushing buttons trying to get to the main menu and it puts me in typing mode to reply to the text message on the screen! Yeesh. Somehow managed to get out of that and to the phone book. I always try to find a phone number that is called "home" so I can call their home number and leave them a message that I have their cell phone. But, no such luck finding a home number. Then I looked for something called "work". Nothing for that either. I have both of those in my phone, so should someone ever find mine, they can call me at home or work. There was a number called "the cheese store". Humm. A cheese hound's phone. Then I came across one called "mom". I thought about calling that, but it was a 212 number and I think that's New York. While I considered calling Mom, I turned the phone over and noticed something written on it. It was really faded, but it was an email address! Ah, thank goodness I didn't have to call Mom! I emailed him to let him know he could stop franticly searching for his phone because I have it. We'll see what happens when he writes back.

So, here is what you should all do. Write your email address in permanent marker on your cell phone or make an entry called "work" or "home" in your phone book so when someone like me finds your phone, we won't have to call your Mom :)

1 comment:

Mike said...

.....what a good samaritan you are.

I left my phone at Lowe's a while back...I get home and the "home" phone is ringing...caller ID says
it's me !!....I was so darn confused....anyway, I was thankful for the person taking the time to get the phone back to its owner.