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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Review

I was under quarantine most of the weekend. Didn't really feel like doing very much and I didn't need to be passing my Snot Eye around. Greg took me to a few craft stores in an attempt to make me feel better. He's sweet :) But mostly I was home. My eye infection is pretty much gone and my ear infection finally stopped hurting Sunday. I have my voice back but I'm still on the penicillin for another week. Don't ask me how I got so sick. Maybe riding the shuttle with all those germ infested kids.

Okay, something fun.

What is this letter L famous for?

what is this letter L famous for?

It is famous. No question. And I'd bet cash that everyone who reads me knows this L. At least every American will know it. You can't be American and not know about this. I have to choose my words carefully because if I say just the wrong thing, it will give you too much of a hint.

Greg is the only one who cannot play....because he had to help me "acquire" the L.

Hint posted in the comments


Mike said...

ohhh man, no idea on the letter L

lol, can hear you say " don't know me at all !"

I tried cheating too !!

Glad to hear your feeling better

MsOktober said...

You tried to cheat!? Sheesh. Can't trust you people.

Here's the deal. Cheating isn't really going to work because I tried to cheat using the limited information you all have and it was almost impossible to find it online.

But I'm going to give these two hints...against my better judgement.

Hint #1. There is a website that has the L on it. And it only appears on the "citizenship" page. I didn't see it anywhere else on the whole site.

Hint #2. Don't get confused between a signature and a logo.

Mike said...

No idea...wonder if there's a clue in any part of "against my better judgement."

It'll (is that a word ???!!) come to me tonight.

Mike said... idea.

"....every American will know it...You can't be American and not know about this"

Hells bells, that makes me feel like crappola for not knowing.