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Monday, May 14, 2007

Pins & Needles

UPDATE: The pins and needles have turned to nails. I just got an email from Paper Crafts that says "thank you".

That's it.....nothing else. So either they are writing to say "thank you for your entry, you have won" or "thank you for your entry, while we love your cards, you have not won".


I wrote back and the message was retured as undeliverable. Good lord people....are they trying to kill me with suspense?


Today is going to be pins and needles day. If I am going to hear, today would be the day I hear from PaperCrafts if I've placed in the card contest. They say "on or about May 14th" is when we will hear if we have won. So I've been checking my email every 10 minutes. I suppose if I don't hear something today, I can still have some hope since it says "on or about" but I just have a feeling if I'm going to hear, it will be today. I'm sure they have the winners picked....the deadline to have your cards in was 4/27. We'll see.


So Earl won the million bucks. And Dreamz killed it for Yau. I wanted either Earl or Yau to win, so I'm happy. But I do feel bad for Yau. No car, no million ~ I can't help but feel bad for him. I knew there was no way Dreamz would win so I wasn't worried about that, but I would have had a cow if Cassandra won. She was so......yuck. She'd turn on you in a second and then play Mom to you the next. In my opinion, she is no better than Dreamz where moral values are concerned. And I know the game is not about moral values, but Earl and Yau are good examples of how you can maintain character and still play the game. Cassandra definitely rode coattails and did some back stabbing along the way.


Saturday night our neighbor had a 16th birthday bash for his son. They really went all out....had a DJ and it was catered. There were tons of people there. We're not sure, but there is a truck over there that we have not seen before, so they might have given him that has a gift. I just see that as a nightmare waiting to happen. The father is very abusive and has a very short fuse, so should this kid make any kind of mistake....yeesh. It won't be a fun day in the neighborhood.


That's all I have for today.

"Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None ~ Yau-Man

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Mike said...

Wishing you more good luck in the PaperCrafts contest...have to admit I had to Google "Earl Dreamz and Yau" to figure out what the heck your talking about....I watched the first Survivor season, none since then.

Interesting, our oldest turns 16 today. He was "half way" expecting a truck or at least a car of some sort. We're trying to find "just the right" used truck for's difficult for him to understand that these things take time.

No birthday bash, no DJ certainly. Just headed to JinBeh ( for dinner.