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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

*Update: The email yesterday wasn't about the card contest. It was just a coincidence that I got email from them regarding something else. So that was disappointing. Maybe today....tho I don't think I'm going to hear from them. Oh well.

I'm incredibly tired today. I've been having a lot of trouble with my neck and shoulder over the past few weeks so I took a muscle relaxer last night. I should really go to the chiropractor and get adjusted, but I don't have one. Greg goes to a chiropractor and he seems to like him, but I am leery. Mostly because he seemed very interested in having me come in to see him, too. I was the one who phoned his office to see if Greg could get in to see him ASAP. He, the chiropractor, covers the phones for his desk staff between he's the one I talked to. Whenever someone seems overly happy or interested in me, I get suspicious. I am not a friendly person and I know that harms me in social ways, but I also think it's beneficial because it makes me more aware. I'm sure his interest is purely financial, but when Greg came home and told me he'd been asking what year I graduated and what high school I went to, that just sealed it for me. The question just came up in general conversation, but I think it's creepy.

Okay, enough of me prattling on and on about my sixth sense :)


Mike said...

...that's crrepy indeed

Mike said...

creepy too