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Friday, May 18, 2007

this, that and whatever comes to mind

For years I thought the lyrics in ELO's (Electric Light Orchestra) "Sweet Talkin' Woman" was actually "Sweet Talkin' Lola". To this day, I sing it wrong beause even tho I know they are saying sweet talkin' woman, all I hear is sweet talkin' Lola. And honestly, it sounds better with Lola :)

One of the best things in the world is whipped cream (Schlog) out of a can. Not Cool Whip.....that's totally different and not as good.

The other night I told my mom about how to figure out her porn name (first pets name= first name and first street you lived on= last name). Her's is Midnight Six! Is that not one of the best porn names you've heard? My dad figured his out too, but I can't remember what his last name was. His first name was Smudge. Laughs!! But the best of all time is Greg's porn name. Brutus Chantilly. That just kills me. And his pet named Brutus....a parakeet. I'm Pookie Dorchester. What a pair we are.

The coffee cart guy at work thinks my name is Drucilla.

pantheon: 1, the place of the heroes or idols of any group. 2, a temple dedicated to all the gods.

I snuck into a huge event hosted by a radio station.

I was alone and only a limited number of people could get in. People had lined up and counted, so I knew going to the end of the line was useless. Just giving up and going home wasn't an option since I had put in a lot of time and trouble to get there. So I quickly devised a plan. I went to the snack bar, bought two cups of cocoa and then acted like I was lost and could not find my husband.

"I just went to get us some cocoa and now I can't kind him anywhere..." I said wide-eyed and innocent.

A very nice police officer escorted me to the front of the line and said I could wait there until he showed up. When the doors opened, I merged right in with a man who had no idea what was going on. I was prepared to cry if I had to. Thankfully it didn't come to that. I think it was a brilliant plan.


I'll leave you with this from YouTube. You need to be aware that this will make you laugh, so be ready for it.

1 comment:

Mike said...

No no doesn't sound better as "sweet talkin' Lola"...
that's almost sac-relig.

Wondering if "Schlog" is a brand name...hmmmm

Porn Name: Billy Joe Ridgemont
(not special)

Gives the "knowing nod" to Drucilla

Hmmmm, pantheon....otherwise known as "the place where Mike is worshiped".....(crap no one is ever there)

Re: sneaking into events...act like you belong...walk fast and give the "knowing nod" to any type of "security" or "official looking

Clip is funny, have a grand day