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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

aber - aca - dabr

I'm not sure I did a good job with the title. It's a play on the word in magic.

I call Abby "aber aca dabr". Like.....Abbr....rather than Abby....

See, still not sure I'm doing a good job at this.

Ok, anyway, she's a funny little thing. She hides under the carpet in Greg's office. I'm pretty sure she thinks we don't know she's under there. You know....that big bump under the rug isn't noticeable at all. Sometimes her foot or her tail is sticking just kills me. And that little patch of black on her chin....I mean, isn't that the most aborable thing? I know everyone thinks their cat, dog, rabbit, ferret, parakeet, hamster, goldfish is the cutest....but come on....she is pretty darn cute.

sleepy girl


Mike said...

Aber, etc is cute indeed...our dog couldn't make her way under the carpet or a rug.....however she
does an excellent job of peeing on it almost every night...

she's thinking...."I know it's your birthday but your bare feet just stepped into the sponge-like pee-soaked rug in the kitchen, happy birthday master !!"

MsOktober said...

Humm. If Aberacadabr was peeing on the rug like that, I might think she was a little less cute. Or maybe a lot not cute.