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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wennibago Haircut

Yesterday I had to run an errand at lunch. I was sitting at a stop light and I glanced over to the parking lot next to me and there was a guy standing outside a Wennibago and I thought he was combing his hair....but it turned out he was cutting his hair. It looked like he was running a comb up through his hair....rather than in a normal downward fashion. But then I noticed large clumps of hair dropping onto the back of his tee-shirt. He had scissors and was running them up the back of his head and then chopping off whatever got between the blades. He was doing this one handed. And fast.....chopchopchopchop. I was like.....uh.....this is the kind of thing that usually ends badly. Just standing hand on his hip and the other chopping wildly. And there was no mirror so he had no idea what he was doing. I had to look away because I was scared the cutting of the scalp would happen and blood would go squirting all over. Or worse, he'd stab himself in the back of the head with the scissors. I looked straight ahead....but I could see him out of the corner of my eye....I could not resist....I had to look back. Folks, he was running the blade right up the back of his head! *Shudders*

I got distracted, thankfully, when I noticed the condition of the was circa 1970something. Horrible condition. I'm pretty sure it was white at one time, but now it was a dingy mustard color with that signature brown stripe and the W. On the side there were two vents that were being held in place with copious amounts of duct tape. The inventor of duct tape has to be stinkin' rich. I mean, who has not heard of duct tape? Everyone knows what that is. You never hear someone say "Ummm, duct tape? what's that?" Just does not happen. Anyway, the light turned green and I was on my way. It's just not something you see handed Wennibago haircut while at a stop light.


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MsOktober said...

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