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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is the "life calendar" according to Martha Stewart's team of doctors. Find your age and then you'll see what you should have and then, of course, you should have also had everything prior to that, too. I have had all but 5 of the 17 things listed for 40 and younger. I think that's pretty good....but hopefully one of those 5 things isn't all out of whack!

Ok, yesterday I told the lost debit card story and mentioned that I was there to pick-up some photos and that I would elaborate on that later. So now is is the later I said I'd tell you....oh never mind ~ here's the story.

I am submitting photos for the San Diego Fair, aka the Del Mar fair, again. I didn't think I would, but I let a year pass and that was enough time to get over the unfortuneateness of not even having my photos displayed. If you are curious about what photos I entered before, you can read my post about it here.

So these are the ones I am submitting this year:

black, white and red all over

Happy 2008!

Abby brought me good luck with the SPCA calendar, so I am hoping she will do it again. The sunset is just one of the best I think I have ever taken because the glow of the sun runs right up to the edge of the tide.

Both are very risky to enter because they get thousands of sunsets and thousands of pet photos and yours better be pretty good to edge out everyone else. But they are both good from a technical stand point, which is the most important element. The ones I entered last time both had issues and I should not have entered either of them. I really wanted the one of Laura and I to get in, but the color balance was a problem from the minute I downloaded them. I just turned a blind eye to it over and over again. So that's what I learned from the whole honest with myself about what is wrong with the photo and don't enter one that isn't technically "on". They will boot you out of the running the minute they see a technical flaw and won't think twice about it.

One thing I am doing this time is mounting the photos myself. Last time I paid someone and it was expensive!! I got some good advice from the guy at the art store and also read some stuff online, so we will see how I do. One shot to get it on no pressure on myself or anything. *sighs*


Anonymous said...

Great photos *fingers crossed*


Mike said...

good luck to you..."if I were a judge...."