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Sunday, April 19, 2009

This post is dedicated to BFF AND content!

Last night I went to a "birthday party/craft circle" for my old boss. Every year for like....the last 20 years, she has had a huge birthday party at a park and everyone she knows goes to it. It's become an annual party people expect and at least 100 people, sometimes more, show up. It was fun for her for a long time, but she grew tired of it because of all the prep. Plus, sometimes she wanted to do something else, but people had become so used to going every year and she got some flack when it came out she wasn't doing it anymore.

Breaking News: This has nothing to do with what I am posting about, but as I was typing, the lizard hunter (Calvin) got a lizard and was trotting around the house with it.......I swear, bain of my existence.

Anyway, back to the birthday party. She got sick one year and wasn't able to have the party....and people could not fault her for that. The next year she laid low and made out of town plans. This year she wanted to stay in town and just have a very small party and do what she wanted to do. And that was have a craft circle. She invited about 10 people and the craft she had for people to try was carving their own rubber stamps. I was a little....ummm.....not so interested in this because it is tedious and I have a short fuse for mistakes. The other part of this is, there's a woman who has been doing this for a while and she was there. She's of the opinion that using manufactured rubber stamps is stealing other people's work. I could go on and on about how much this annoys me, but I won't. I'll just say she and I do not see eye to eye on the subject. I also don't brag like she does. *rolls eyes*

So I carved my very first stamps! Think "home spun" ;)

These are the 3 stamps I made.

Ignore the terrible photo....I took it inside on my desk with my horrible little desk lamp. But there you can see all 3 stamped with green ink. The square one has weird little squiggles on it and that's because the rubber was embossed with the manufactures logo on that isn't part of the design. Remember.....home spun.

If I ever become a famous, I can eBay them for a small fortune!

There you go, Laura. A story, breaking news flash about a lizard and!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks! That was an awesome post..loved all the exciting elements =)

Just wondering where a picture of the Lizard Hunter in action was, oh well, maybe next time...


ps - Loved the blog from my boy Jeff, too. A turkey leg the size of a small dog..haha...