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Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday was one of those days.

Greg was in Vegas playing softball and I had some errands to run. I got up early and headed out around 10am. I had to go downtown to Nelson Photo pick up some prints (more on that in another post). There was a street fair going on and by the time I got down there, they were only just setting up their booths. Parking, however, was already bad. Nelson Photo is smack in the middle of one of the streets they had closed off so I ended up parking about 5 blocks away. I loaded the parking meter with 1 hours worth of change and headed off. I got my photos and got back to my car with 23 minutes left. I was pretty pleased with myself for getting in and out of there so fast. Traffic was picking up and as soon as people noticed I was leaving, I became very popular. Now I was on my way to the grocery store. Pull in and park and I remember telling myself "I'm so glad I got those photos out of the way....". Then I went in a did my grocery shopping. I ended up standing the longest check out lane....but so what, I was just going home when I was done and I didn't have anywhere to be. The checker gets to me and I pull out my wallet to get my discount card thing debit card wasn't there.

"WAIT!" I told the checker before she scanned anything else.

She stood there looking at me while I franticly looked everywhere possible for my debit card. I told her I had to go to my car and they unscanned the 3 items and put everything back in my cart and told me they would hold it for me. I ran to my car and looked all over, but it wasn't there. AMAZINGLY, I had my cell phone and it was charged. I usually never have it, and if I do, it's never changed. So I called Nelson's and am just beside myself thinking there is some person running around the street fair buying bratwurst and beer with my debit card (I saw 2 bratwurst vendors). I ask the person who answered if they had my card and they said they would check. Seemed like forever waiting and I figured they didn't have it'd think they would know if they had a debit card there that someone left. Turns out they did have it......thank goodness!!!! But now came the realization I had to go back there. It was 1pm and it was going to be a mad house. There was no way I would get a parking space. And I used all the change I had for the meter when I was down there earlier. So I had to go home and get a bucket of change since I would undoubtedly have to park 100 miles away. When I got home, I rounded up all the change I could find and then just sat on my bed for like....10 minutes. It was just going to be such a pain in the ass with the traffic and all to walk in and walk back out. And I had zero interest in the street fair. So I called Nelson's again and asked for advice on where to park. Downtown is horrible because it is mostly all one way streets and, of course, there is no free parking. So the woman who rang me up at the register got on the phone with me when she found out I was calling. She said she felt bad for not giving me my card back and said if I could somehow pullover on the block that was 2 streets up from them and call her, she would run up on foot and find me and give me my debit card. Honestly, I told her I loved her. That was sooo nice of her to do. After much stop and go traffic, I finally go back over there and pulled over at the first red curb I saw when I was within 2 street radius she told me to be in. I called and told her where I was and waited hoping one of many policemen they had directing traffic would not ticket me. The story has a happy ending....and I got my debit card back safe and sound with no ticket. An hour later I was back in the checkout lane at the grocery store. They had put all my stuff back assuming I wasn't coming back, but that was ok.....I wasn't even sure I was going back. But we needed toilet know.


Mike said...

Quite the tale....all's well that ends well......( I suppose )

Anonymous said...

Just reading that made me wanna take a nap...