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Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad Luck

I have bad luck. I just do. I must be getting paid back for some really bad karma. Now how can I have bad luck, you ask? I have a job, a home, a husband, food…all this…so how can I say I have bad luck? Well, it’s not the no job kind of bad luck. It’s the kind where you have a cat who catches lizards….and lizards just happen to be in the list of the top 3 things you really hate. They creep me out big time. There is a long history of my hate for lizards….I won’t get into the story of the one that was in my bed. But it was bad.

Ok, so Greg left to go to Vegas this weekend for a softball tournament. He left around 5:30pm. At about 6:15pm, I hear this loud bang on the screen door. I rush out to find Calvin, Greg’s cat, trotting into the kitchen with a lizard flailing around in this mouth. I scream and jump on the sofa.

Ohhhh……that cat realllllly pisses me off.

So with Greg safely out of reach, the cat nets himself a lizard from under the screen door. He does this all the time….tho he has not done it in quite a while. But he chooses today…when Greg is gone, to start up again. It was a big one, too. And interestingly enough, he always does it when Greg isn’t home. So….I had to do something….fast. Calvin has never let one get away from him…..of the dozen he has caught, but there is going to be a first time and it could not be today. So I gotta think fast. I dumped a small trashcan out on the floor and figure I can turn it upside down trapping the lizard under it while I come up with a plan. So I do that. Then I stand there looking at it for 10 minutes. The only option was to slide the trashcan to the door, open the screen and slide it out. So there it was….me scooting the trashcan across the floor with lizard running under it all the way to the door. We get to the door, I threw it out, lizard went flying, I screamed, slammed the screen shut and slammed the door closed.

Now the red trash can sitting in my front yard and I have no intention of going out there to get it anytime soon. It might be out there until Greg gets home on Sunday. And the front door is staying closed all weekend.

And that cat better watch his ass because his master is gone and I might just tote him off to the pound.


Anonymous said...

it's not bad luck, Calvin is an excellent hunter that's all. Think of it this way, if you had a rodent in the house(God Forbid) Calvin would save you by catching it. He's your hero...

Anonymous said...

haha i agree with nanci. well sorta.

im sorry you've got the hunter and gatherer type... i've got the "scared of boys but loves to chase his tail" type...

don't take him to the pound. =[ that would break my heart....



Mike said... said the "p" word.
Surely that set the feline straight.

What would you rather have though....a cat delivering lizards or a greyhound offering up squirrels ?