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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I think this is funny.

A woman I work with is beyond excited about the Mother Goose Parade next month. Not "the" Mother Goose Parade, the San Diego County Mother Goose Parade. She goes every year. I had no idea it even existed. So this year when she looked up the parade marshals and celebrities who will be there and she started screaming so her husband came running to see what was wrong.

"Oh my God!! Christopher Atkins is going to be at the Mother Goose Parade!!! Oh my God!!"

Seems she is still in love with him after all these years. She said: "I've seen The Blue Lagoon like 500 times!!"

So she's going to get her picture taken with him because she has read that he likes to have pictures taken with fans. She told me she might faint if he puts his arm around her.


If you're curious what Christopher looks like these days, you can see him and the rest of the celebrities that will be there.

Parade Celebrities


Anonymous said...

Forget Christopher Atkins!! Greg and Peter Brady are gonna be there!!!!


Anonymous said...

AND..Wally and the Beav!!!!

Mike said...

Ahhhh, so that's what former stars are doing these days. Think they carpool to the parade ?

"Beav, I'll pick you up at 6, we'll go to IHOP and then to the parade"

"Thanks Wally"

PPMG said...

Hi, it's true, Christopher is going to be at the parade - along with a long list of celebrities.

Thanks for writing about the parade, given that it's been around for 62 years, it really took off last year and this year looks to be the biggest yet.

The kids will love their teen idols like Tony Oller (from the new "Saved By the Bell"), Brenda Song ("Suite Life of Zack & Cody" & "Wendy Woo: Homecoming Warrior") and the teen Grand Marshal, KayCee Stroh ("High School Musical" 1, 2, 3... ).

A couple known adults just joined the ranks, one such is on the heels of the great success "Batman: The Dark Knight" -
Eric Roberts.

Thanks again... it's going to be a blast - there is a private dinner with all the parade stars at the headquarter hotel, the night before the parade - Saturday, November 22. Not sure if there are any tickets left - but she would definitely be able to see Mr. Atkins there!