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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Merry October?

Back in....I don't know....something like February, Greg bought his Christmas present. A Nintendo Wii. He called me and said he really wanted it and I guess it was some good price so he bought it and put it under the bed...waiting for December. All year long he has been buying little things to go with, controllers, etc. He's been buying two of everything because he says I am going to play with him. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a game person....well, not a video game person. But he's sure I'll be playing with him. We'll see.

So today we are at Best Buy spending one of the gift cards he got for his birthday and he sees a woman at the check out counter with a Wii Fit. He makes a remark about how they are hard to find.

"You want to go look at them?" he asks.
"How much are they?" I ask
"Umm, about $80 bucks"

What the heck. We get out of line and go look. They didn't have any more but my interest was sparked looking at all the Wii Fit accessory stuff. We got back in line and I asked him why he didn't want one for himself. He's always been saying we wants to join the gym and loose some pounds, but going to the gym is a royal pain in the ass so he never joined. When we got home he called around and found out Sears had a few, so he reserved one and went down to pick it up. He added it the Christmas pile under the bed. We will take $40 out of each others Christmas fund and share it. reviewers gave it 4.5 stars out of maybe this will be my first video game addiction!

He's pretty genius....getting all this stuff in advance. Because he says that will be his only Christmas gift, but he knows good and well I am going to buy him other he is making out like a bandit this year.

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Anonymous said...

i've played both the wii and the wii fit and you'll love it, i can almost guarantee it. im not really one for video games either, but this thing is just awesome. =]