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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Okay, so here is the thing....I like coconut but I don't love it. If a recipe calls for it, I usually only half of what it calls for.

So, I was hunting around the internet and came across the spot below for the show "Down Home With The Neeleys". The woman bugs me a little bit, but I can take her in small amounts so I watched it. What does this have to do with coconut, you ask? Why have I gone from telling you my taste preference on coconut to telling you the Neeley woman bugs me? I'm not crazy....well.....oh, just watch below and you will see link between the two....and why I am dying for a square coconut donut....

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Mike said...

I want to like the Neely family's FoodTv show....but it just doesn't happen for me. You can see what FoodTv is trying to do with the AA family...but it's too....I don't know....too contrived maybe....too "rigid" or something like that....they need to be more relaxed....I digress

As for coconut...count me out. You might as well chew on styrofoam packaging "peanuts" if your gonna throw coconut into a recipe. The texture of coconut is "all wrong"