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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

calendar girl

black, white and red all over
Originally uploaded by photo kitten.

I am overwhelmed with happy emotion.

I just got a call from the SPCA telling me that this photo of Abby won for the December shot of their 2009 calendar! Jenny, the woman who called me said it was a landslide vote....she didn't even have to count votes because Abby had clearly won it.

I'm so very happy.


Anonymous said...

That's sooo AWESOME!!!! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

that's amazing!!! i'm soooo happy for you! yay!

can you officially cross that off of your 100 things list now? =]

Ms March

MsOktober said...

My 2 favorite Laura's - thank you!

Yes, MsMarch, that is getting crossed off right after I post this ;)

I so happy! I am just beside myself!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! Also makes a great SPCA story. Great picture!

Love, Bob

Mike said...

A-meow-some !!.....purrrrfect !!...
Con-cat-ulations !!

Sorry 'bout that

Damn fine work MsO !!