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Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Report

A lot happened over the weekend.

Saturday morning Calvin was in the top bed of the carpeted cat tower and Abby was in the one right below him. I was sitting watching TV. Now, Calvin has always been a very clean fellow....always cleaning and licking. I think he might have some kind of skin allergy....or he might just be a virgo....who knows. Anyway, this means he gets hairballs a lot. So they are laying there and Calvin starts caughing and Abby is below him looking up wondering what the heck Calvin is doing. He leans over and...SPLAT! He puked the hairball right on Abby's head. And I mean right between the eyes. I laughed so hard......I think he did it on purpose. And it was a big wet yucky one, too. You should have seen her.....she jumped down and was walking all funny and unsure of how to get this disgusting stuff off her head. I cleaned her up and looked over at Calvin who was still in the top bed of the cat tower. I'm pretty sure he was smiling.

Couples Only
Saturday night we went to a couples only dinner. There were a total of 5 couples so it was a nice sized group. We all laughed and was a nice time.

Charles & Jessica Sittin' In A Tree...
Sunday we went to an ourdoor wedding. Goodness it was hot. So hot that they had to cut the cake right after the ceremony because the icing was starting to melt! The tiny blue flowers were sliding down the sides leaving blue smears. We passed on the cake. I learned in a cake decorating class that you never leave a cake out when it's hot because any milk in the icing or filling will spoil very quickly and all the guests will be sick the next day. The wedding was supposed to start at 1pm.....45 minutes later it finally started. We waited all that time for a 10 minute ceremony. I'm not sure if they cut the vows short because of the heat or if it was just slated to be that short, but it was the shortest wedding ceremony I've been to. Maybe they had to cut it short because they had to get to the cake!

Back At The Ranch
Sunday evening we were getting I little hungry....the mexican food from the wedding that afternoon was only enough to cover us for lunch. So I turned the oven on and was going to make scalloped potatoes. When I opened the oven to put the potatoes in, I braced myself for 450 degrees of heat.....but it was only mildly warm. Oh dear. Seems my 30 year old oven is finally biting the dust. *sighs* So now the washer and the oven are on their last leg. Being a home owner is nice....but at times not so nice.

That's my weekend report!

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Mike said...

Summer is indeed here. But couldn't believe it this morning..went to do my usual...sit outside with a
cuppa was 57 degrees !!
Almost "nippy".
Short-lived though...high of 94ish today.