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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Local Fair And Fare

I just read that The Del Mar Fair (aka, The San Diego County Fair) isn't going to have deep-fried Oreo cookies this year.

Deep-fried Oreo cookies?!

What the heck? Sorry, that just sounds gross. And I know the whole line about don't knock something until you try it, but aside from the fact it sounds gross, it has got to be really bad for you. I guess they were a huge hit last year.....I just can't imagine people wanting to eat them. But the deep-fried Oreo cookie people need not fear, there will be equally bad things for them to eat this year. The deep-fried Twinkies will be back, along with two new hot-from-the-fat treats: deep-fried olives and deep-fried avocados.

Deep-fried avocados?!

Well, I guess people are eating this stuff or it wouldn't be there. Yeesh.

Anyway, for those who don't go for the food....which isn't many....but for those, daily entertainment includes a dueling pirate high-dive show with "spectacular stunts and an explosive ending sure to leave fair goers breathless”, The Kung Fu Assembly, a Chinese martial arts show featuring experts who bend sharp spears with their throats, break concrete slabs on their stomachs while lying on a bed of nails and support their weight using only two fingers. Now I'd watch the Kung Fu guys for sure, but I've been to Vegas and once you see the pirate show in front of Treasure Island, you've seen them I'd pass on the dueling pirates.

The musical headliners are Hall & Oates, Heart, Melissa Etheridge, and KC & the Sunshine Band on closing day.

KC & the Sunshine Band?!

Huh? Are they still alive? I guess I should be asking...they are still getting gigs?

*Scratches head and is a little confused over this*

Okay, whatever...maybe they are still wildly popular and I'm just out of touch.

Other entertainment includes a something called “water's extreme journey”. It's a 1,000-square-foot exhibit that includes the evolution of the swimsuit with a daily bathing suit fashion show. I think I just gave all the guys a reason to go.

So that's a look at the fair this year. Have fun if you go. I'm sure they will sell loads of the deep-fried things. But why do I get the feeling a large percentage of sales for the deep-fried Twinkies and deep-fried avocados will be sold the night all the KC & the Sunshine Band fans pack in to close things out....


1 comment:

Mike said...

The headliners are Hall & Oates, Heart, Melissa Ethridge and KC and the Sunshine Band ?? Those are "headliners". Hmmmm, I can only assume that Foreignor, Night Ranger, Asia and Missing Persons were already booked (or dead).
Even though it's only Thursday, it's TGIF as I gotta burn the vacation days.