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Friday, March 02, 2007

Contest Junkie

I like to enter contests. I've never considered myself a competive person, but I do like contests.

So there is a card making contest in a magazine I subscribe to. I mean, how can I pass up a card making contest, right?

There are about 5 categories and I thought I'd better enter one card in each catagory to make my chances of winning better. Well, easier said than done. One catagory is called "rock & roll" tequinique. Oy! What a pain in the ass this one is. At this moment, I'm thinking a card for that catagory isn't going to happen. It's hard.

Another catagory is "stamped chipboard". Chipbord, by the way, is the cardboard stuff they make puzzles pieces out of. So far this is what I have:


Notice the chipbord is unpaited and not stamped on. The word MEOW has to have a stamped image on the letters....but as you can see, the letters are pretty narrow and my paw print stamp and the fish bones are a little too big. AND, thing is, these stamps are not even that big! So I have to find something pretty dang small to stamp on them that is cat worthy! I picked the cat theme because I don't want my card to be a baby card or a birthday card....that's toooo common. I'm trying to come up with stuff they might not get a lot of. And it has to be good because I am going up against people who make way better cards than I being unique will be key....I think. So I have to figure something out. And I have to get some black photo corners to anchor the picture. *Sighs* Maybe I should just do a baby card...

Ugh....I tell you, being a contest junkie is brutal.

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Anonymous said...

that makes me happy that youre expressing your creative side in a competition. you better win, your cards are always soooo dang good!

ps. dont know if you know this, momma's coming to town tomorrow night... =]