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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things That Bug Me

I considered not posting about this because it makes me sound like an intolerant crabby old woman. But then I realized, I am an intolerant crabby old woman, so I might as well post! *chuckles*

Okay, so the slurping by my cubemate has never ceased....errrr. See my entry dated July 18, 2006 for the history on this. I have big issues with people who chomp, crunch, slrup their food loudly. This is my Dad's fault. I've turned into him. He would not tolerate this sort of thing from his kids so none of us eat loudly.....or at least I don't. He also had a thing about dripping now I have that, too. A dripping faucet makes me crazy.

Happy and helpful store employees. I can hardly stand to go into Victoria's Secret anymore. Those sales girls are on you in a flash asking if they can help you. Now, maybe it's just me, but when I shop for the things Victoria's Secret sells, I don't want any help. I can pick out my own bra and panties, thank you. And I don't care to be measured to make sure I'm buying the correct front of the whole store!

side note.....cubemate just opened another piece of candy and the slurping continues.

People who get too close to you. I was in line at the bookstore the other day and I could feel the girl standing behind me. She was so dang close to me that her elbow knocked me when she was riffling throuh her purse.

Oh Lord.....I think someone in here just passed gas!! Gas and slurping!!!

Alright, back to the woman standing too close. The first time she knocked me, I just let it go. We all accidently bump people. The second time....the intolerant crabby old woman in me was in full force. I can give a look that can kill, and she got that look. I didn't even need to say a word....the look did it. She backed off....for about a minute. When she finally found her cell phone, she called someone and started making dinner plans.....about 10 inches from the back of my head. Errr.

People who plow down a residential street at top speed with the engine roaring so loud I can't hear the TV. Intolerant crabby old woman activates instantly when this happens. One of these days, they are going to run over a kid or a dog. Of all the things, this one gets to me the most because it boils down to pure stupidity.

I'll leave it at that. Gotta get some fresh air.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

...Agree with all of those "issues".
Those that eat (or as I say) "smack their food" can literally give me a headache, seriously....cringe thinking about that crap.

When I feel someone getting "too close" to me in line...I back up and take the "proactive approach" by bumping them first, the pre-emptive strike works like a charm, gives me a sense of Grinch-like victory...

...shrugs shoulders, I'm an ass sometimes