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Monday, December 04, 2006

Full Moon Fortune

I got a fortune cookie at lunch that says "Luck will find you on the next full moon"

Today happens to be a full moon. So does this mean today is my good luck day or does this appy to the next time there's a full moon? Because so far I am not feeling that lucky. Plus, the day if half gone....


Anonymous said...

...does somebody need to shake some sense into you ????....don't risk it on a technicality like "next full moon"

It's like NOT throwing your red flag to have the play (cookie in this case) reviewed, hell you have 3 timeouts...I think it's worth it to "burn a timeout" (i.e. buy a lotto ticket)

MsOktober said...

ok....I'll buy one tonight and again on the next full moon just to cover my bases :-)