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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Fish Sandwich Experience

I had been hungry since 10am. Too early for lunch and I don't eat snacks because most snacks are evil.....the snacks that are not evil are not worth eating.

It's finally lunchtime and I have no idea what I want.....I just want something. So I head to the cafeteria. I look around and none of the specials look all that tempting. So I go to the special order counter and I see a fish sandwich on the menu. I figured I'd give it a try. I stand around for a while and they finally call my number. I walk up and the two young cafeteria guys give me a strange look and I wonder if it wasn't my number they called.

me: "number 23?" I ask
cafeteria guy #1: "yeah..."

I nod and start to reach for the plate.

cafeteria guy #1: "don't you want that cut in half?"
me: "uh..."
cafeteria guy #2: "no, she something, something, something, something..." he says to cafeteria #1

Cafeteria guy #2 took my order, so I figure he is telling him something relevant to my order but I didn't hear a word after "she" because it was so noisy in there. So I figure he will clear up any questions cafeteria guy #1 has.

Except not.

They both just look at me when he finishes what he was saying.

me: "is this a fish sandwich?"

cafeteria guy #1: "huh?"

I look at cafeteria #2 for assistance.

cafeteria guy #2: "you want it cut in half?"

It's right about then that I start to get annoyed. What is all this crap about cutting it in half? And why are they asking me now? It's all wrapped up in that white sandwich paper stuff already.

I shake my head saying no to whatever it is they are asking me and pick the plate up and turn quickly and head to the cash register.

I'm really curious what the heck kind of sandwich I have.

I stop at the soda machine outside to get something to drink and it won't take any of my quarters. I stuff a $1 bill in. Does not want that either.


I look at the other beverage machine and nothing looks all that interesting. It's all juice drinks and that does not sound good with a fish sandwich....or whatever it is I'm holding. But I have to drink something so I put my dollar in and look at the buttons.....strawberry passion or fruit punch...humm. Just as I pressed the strawberry passion button, a guy walks up and starts to drop his quarters into the soda machine. I was about to tell him it wasn't working when he pushed a button and a soda poped out!


I sit down with my strawberry passion and unwrap my sandwich. I lift the sandwich. It was nothing to write home about. And I'm pretty sure it would not have been any better had it been cut in half.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

...thought for certain it was going to be anything BUT a fish sandwich...cut in half or not.

Our 4 year old wanted his pancake cut in triangles yesterday...I'm somehwat educated, but was asking myself...."how the hell do I cut this circle into triangles??"....pretended it was a pizza...tkae care