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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Next Food Network Star Season 10 - Episode 3 Recap

I really enjoyed this episode because Cutthroat Kitchen is one of my favorite Food Network shows. I'm digressing, but did you see the Cutthroat Kitchen episode with the judges as the contestants? It was the best one so far!

Ok, back to the recap. 

I know it probably isn't nice to say, but I'm glad Kenny is gone. I know there's always the chance he could come back via the Star Salvation component of the contest, but I just think he's gone for good. And that's fine with me. Not my favorite for so many reasons.

Aryen- Has she been up for elimination? I don't think she has...and that confuses me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far she hasn't done well in any of the cooking challenges. Unless things change, I think she will be in the elimination round pretty soon.

Loreal- The judges didn't seem to like the flavors of her dish, which is concerning. I know the snow-cone machine caused problems with the texture of the meatballs, but it still could have tasted good.

Reuben- He did much better this week but his breakfast dish was "small". I really don't know how he didn't laugh when they said that. The tiny kitchen is one of the best sabotages in Cutthroat Kitchen! Considering that he had to deal with that, he did good. And you didn't need a translator to understand him!

Christopher- Chef found his groove this week. I wonder if the attitude will return? I'd bet that it does.

Nicole- She forgot pasta in the shopping segment and she still avoided elimination! Her gnocchi wasn't the best (good thing Giada wasn't there) and she still passed! She can think on her feet and that was the name of the game for this episode. Speaking of feet, she had to stomp grapes! Those sabotages are ruthless!

Sarah- I can't imagine why this girl is back. Total train wreck if you ask me. Who sucks up to the judges.....AND THEN TELLS THEM THEY ARE DOING THAT!? *sighs*

Emma- Who would have thought that chocolate bacon on an egg sandwich would taste good? Apparently it does. Mixed with a storybook tale of vacations in the Alps, it got her the win. Plus, I think Jet Tila was taken with her ;)

Chris- I totally forgot he was on Cutthroat Kitchen and won until they showed the clip of it. He had a huge advantage just knowing the pace of things. Despite the spaghetti scoop hand sabotage, he did well with his dish. Presenting it....not so good. Will he be able to overcome this continuing problem? *shrugs*

Lenny- Oh Lenny, team breakfast was out for you! I think it was smart of him to spend all his money on that tiny kitchen sabotage. There's no question that it would have been funny to see him in the itsy-bitsy kitchen, and he would have made it funny, but I don't think he would have fared very well in the end. His dish still sucked, but I think it would have been even worse if he'd also had to squeeze himself into that pee-wee kitchen. He was in the elimination round, but I don't think he will see him there again. At least I hope we don't! He's still my favorite to take this to the end!

Did you like this Cutthroat Kitchen episode as much as I did?

See you again next week!

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