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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Next Food Network Star Season 10 - Episode 1 Recap

I thought I’d recap the Next Food Network star this season! These are my opinions mixed with Greg’s (my husband). We’ve been watching since the second season.

Right off the bat Greg and I thought the comments Alton made to the contestants were uncalled for. It seemed from his previous shows, Good Eat’s & Feasting on Asphalt, like he was a nice guy. Maybe this is the real Alton and that was acting? Either way, we don’t care for it. I think Food Network should not allow this snobbish attitude towards the contestants. 

As far as the other judges go, I like Bobby. He comes across as nice and helpful to contestants. I do think he can act slightly superior at times, but over all, he’s a good judge. Giada always seems nice and helpful. I’ve never found her to be snobbish or superior to them.

That’s all I’ll say about the judges J

The contestants:

Donna- She was very exuberant. Her POV was questionable for me. Let’s be honest, I’m not sure people watch Food Network for healthy dishes. Healthy is often associated with bland boring food. So she was chopped. Wait…wrong show!

Aryen- This is someone I would keep an eye on. She has charm. She’s also really pretty. Good things for a TV personality. If she can wow with her cooking, she will rise to the top!

Loreal- Greg says “she’s interesting”. I think this one is his frontrunner. She has a unique POV and if she can bake AND butcher, she’s going to do well. She got personal with the pannel and Suzie seemed like she was welling up. The judges love that stuff! They want to know the contestants and so far she’s doing that for them.

Reuben- Have you ever watched Million Dollar Listing: NY? He sounds just like Luis. Just a worthless observation. Anyway, I was thinking he was Amish until I heard his voice. He's not Amish. So, we’ve seen his POV before and it’s tanked. I’m not sure at this point how I feel about him. We’ll see.

Christopher- I get the feeling the guy can cook. Will that be enough? Shrugs. Donna had too much exuberance, this guy could use some. He also comes across as being a little ”chefy”. You know….the ”I can cook better than you” attitude. And he might actually be better! But you have to have more than that for TV.

Luca- The obvious thing, he’s good looking. Greg said he reminds him of Joey from Friends - and he totally does!! The ladies will love this. Giada already loves him! And, if I’m not mistaken, her brother’s name is Luca….another worthless observation. Ok, it seems like he can cook. He has these things going for him. The accent….it’s nice, but it’s strong. Too strong? Time will tell.

Nicole- Luca is handsome and Nicole is pretty. So we have some eye candy this season. I think her POV is good and it could get her far. If she knows how to cook fish well, that’s going to be key. The judges will, pardon the pun, eat that up! For some reason I don’t think we see a lot of fish cooked well that is also tasty.

Sarah- Yikes. I don’t remember her from the season she was on but maybe that’s because I don’t want to. She’s off to a horrible start. Right now, I don’t care for her….big time cringe factor every time she was on screen.

Emma- She’s very girl next door…I think her online bio might even say that. Did the judges say that, too? She just fits the title. Can she cook well enough to bet everyone? Don’t know….

Chris- I’m going out on a limb to say I think he will not make it very far. I can’t say why exactly, it’s just a feeling. He’s very likable and I bet he’s fun to hang out with, but I don’t think he has the cooking skills.

Lenny- Just going to tell you right now….he’s my frontrunner! I love his personality. BUT...this could change. I’ll have to wait and see if he becomes too gimmicky. But what can I say…I like his belt buckle.

Kenny- High energy. Very high. I think this could be a problem for him. He needs to chill out a little. It’s like a puppy with endless energy running in circles. Having said that, I do like his POV. But how will he work that into cooking challenges? Is he going to make bloomin' onions every time? Curious to see what happens with that.

To add to it, Martie and Chad will be back. So it would seem that once they say "sorry, you will not be the next Food Network star", that's not entirely true. I did like Martie. Not sure about Chad. Still a lot to come.

Who's your frontrunner so far?

See you next week!

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