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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Next Food Network Star Season 10 - Episode 2 Recap

Now we're cookin'! We're seeing more of who these people are now. Some good and some.....well, some you wonder how they even made it to this stage of the game.

I'm going to start with Kenny. Yeesh.

The late Maya Angelou said:

"when people show you who they are, believe them the first time"

I believe this will be the case with Kenny. He showed his colors. Even though he changed his tune at the very last minute, I think we've seen the person he is. I think we will see it again. 

Luca- Poor Luca. I had high hopes for him but Kenny managed to beat him out. It's too bad since I think he should have stayed and Kenny should have been the one to go.

Aryen- Oh my. She disappointed me when she didn't come clean that Lenny advised her on how to save the green bean casserole at the stage she came in on it. I think if she had come clean, Alton would have been impressed that she gave credit where credit was due. All I have to say is karma, it's a bitch.

Loreal- She held back her personality and the judges noticed. I actually watched a clip of her on a morning news show after the first episode. She was lively and full of personality. It seems like she could be thinking Food Network might want someone more Alex, for example. But have you ever seen that Bitchin' Kitchen show? That's proof that they are open to different things.

Reuben- Maybe nerves played a part in his fast-talking segment? My intuition tells me he might have more problems in the coming weeks. 

Christopher- Uh oh, his ”chefy” attitude is getting in the way just as I suspected. He'll need to lose that fast if he wants to have a chance. No one likes a know-it-all and a show-off.

Nicole- I think viewers would like watching her. However, I wonder if she's too ordinary? It's too soon to tell.

Sarah- Still a yikes for me. She seems immature with all the facial expressions and hand gestures. Just reminds me of high school.

Emma- Still strikes me as the girl next door. I really think if she can bring a little more energy, the judges will love her.

Chris- Going back to what I said last week, he's likable and fun, but I don’t think he has the cooking skills. What I do think he'd be great at is hosting a show that has him going around spotlighting restaurants. That seems like something he would excel at.

Lenny- I saved the best for last! He's still my frontrunner. How can you not love him? Even though he has personality, is helpful to other contestants and can cook, what really got me was when he took his hat off and thanked Bobby for his kind words. He's so humble! Lenny, it's yours to win if you can keep it up!

What did you think of the contestants this week? Have you changed your opinion on anyone? 

Until next week, Au revoir!

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