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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Traveler's Inspiration Challenge

Here's my card for Traveler's Inspiration Challenge.

I had bigger plans for this card but it just wasn't meant to be. I sat down last night at my craft desk and instantly started to perspire. It had to be 100 degrees in there. And since it was 85 degrees outside, it is possible it was very close to 100 degrees in my little room. I had all kinds of ideas for the card, but the heat forced me to do the minimum.

I cut the sun shape out using my Cricut and then used a VeraMark pen to draw on the face and around the edges. Then I used my new heat and stick powder on top of that. I sprinkled fire opal glitter on and hit it again with the heat gun to make the glitter stick - it worked! I have used glitter with regular glue and it works, but you have to be careful about touching the glittery parts because it can come off pretty easily. The heat and stick powder is much better....the glitter is really on there and you really have to scrape to get it off. I also used a background stamp on the card base and used blue and yellow glitter on that.

After all the heat and sticking I had to call it done and go lay in front of a fan. We don't have AC so we fans are our best friends these days.

Hope you like the card!


clouds shadler said...

cute card! love the sun! what a fun card!

clouds :D

travelingmama said...

Well, I love it! And I know it IS 100 in my craft room. Maybe that is why all I want to do is go take a nap! Ugh! I am dreaming of fall! Hugs!

Winter said...

Very cute! Love the sun! I think everyone is Hot, we own a A/C company, and everyone is calling with broke A/C's! I'm ready for some cooloer weather! :)