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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

computer geeks

I'm not a geek. There has been some debate about this at work, but trust me, I'm not.


Now the people I work with....95% of them are total geeks. There is one guy in particular who is a mega geek! I have no idea how he managed to get a wife. Honestly, he is that annoying. In the last few months he has been coming to visit squeaky keyboard guy in the cube behind me on a pretty regular basis. I cringe every time he shows up. First, he talks unbelievably loud. Second, the things he talks about are incredibly annoying/boring. Come to think of it, squeaky keyboard guy has a wife, too. I'm perplexed.


Here are some examples of the loooonng conversations they have had that I have had to endure:

Godzilla ~ good guy or bad guy?
Getting a rat out of your house.
Dogs ~ there are basically 3 things they do.
An incredibly long discussion about "the bay area" vs. "San Francisco area"....which to call it.
Spiders (8 legs) vs. "bugs" (6 legs)....and then there is Spider Man. *sighs*
Street addresses. I'm serious. They had a discussion about street addresses.

The list goes on and on. And Greg can confirm how loud this guy is because he called during of the the discussions. And earphones don't work. This has got to be some kind of penance for something I've done.

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