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Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm not sure if "read more books" was on my new years resolution list this might have been. I know it has been on the list a few times in the past. Anyway, yesterday I was milling around outside at lunch and I found a nice cool shady spot that I thought would be perfect for sitting an reading a book.....if only I had a book and could actually get into reading it. I have had some trouble getting into books and staying with them. I loose interest very fast if the story isn't....uh....ineresting, I guess. I adore romance, but it is soooo overdone most of the time. All the bodice ripping, running to-and-fro in anger then in passion....ugh. It is not good reading for me. Mysteries are usually good for me because they keep you engaged.

Can anyone suggest a good book? Romance, mystery or just a generally good read?

Next, I need to get a lawn chair so I can actually go to my nice shady spot and get away from my desk for an hour at lunch. I need to start doing that.....and keep doing that. So I hope reading will do it. If that fails, I guess I can close my eyes and nap.


Anonymous said...

Nightfall or Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille (actually anything by him) are good. The scary thing is that they may be true and not fiction.


Anonymous said...

I really like the Sue Grafton Mystery Book series, the main character is a PI, not at all fussy , very down to earth. Start a A is for Alibi and go through the alphabet, easy reading, just right for a lunch break.