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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alpha Out.

I finished my photo alphabet project yesterday. I'm mostly pleased with what I did...but some of the days were a challenge. The Q day turned out to be the "worst". I had it all planned and then things fell apart rapidly. Years ago I had this bowl of rocks on my coffee table in the living room....pretty rocks. I had some that I found, some that I bought and some that were given to me. One in particular, the biggest I had, was a hunk of orange quartz. I'd seen all kinds of quartz, but never orange. And it was the color or orange juice. Beautiful. So on Q day I went hunting for the bowl that had been put away for at least 5 years. I thought I knew exactly where it was....but it wasn't there. Looked a little rocks. I have no idea what has become of them. I'm pretty sure I didn't get rid of them, but maybe I did? It put a real damper on Q day as I didn't have a back-up plan. I went out to make my breakfast and just told myself that Q would not happen - oh well. Then as I was waiting for my toast to pop up, I got the idea to just make a Q in peanut butter on my toast. I could have made a quesadilla, but it wasn't lunchtime and those are messy (greasy) and the thought of trying to make a quesadilla look photo worthy just wasn't something I wanted to deal with. You have no idea how long it can take to set up a photo. Sometimes it can be an hour because you have to deal with light and angle and what color background.....blah, blah, blah. Q toast was going to have to do. So that's how that happened.

All the other days went as planned for the most part. That's not to say they all came out the way I planned....two different things. I tried to keep it interesting.

So give me your top 3 picks! I curious what you all like the best :)

Alphabet Project

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Mike said...

#1) (and it's not even close) is the Fountain Grass

#2) Vines (I guess I'm a sucker for plants)

#3) The tea shot is good, especially like the label reflected in the side of the cup...very cool