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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Did you hear the story about the highway workers who found money in a tire on the side of the road a few weeks ago? I heard about it on the radio and the people reporting were having this discussion about would they keep it or would they turn it in. I was on the fence about it. On one hand, I would want to keep it. It was 100K so that would help out a lot! On the other hand, I would be worried about getting caught. I would have no idea where it came from and who was looking for it. And I also have this "candid camera" phobia. Like there will be someone with a camera to see what people do with things they find. I'm not sure where a camera would be hiding on the side of a highway, but who knows. So the other part of me would turn it in. I asked Greg if he would keep it, and he said without hesitation....."Heck yeah!" So I'm not sure....maybe I would keep it for a few days and see if there was any story about missing money and then make a decision. Or maybe I would squirrel.....oh....15K away and have my kitchen remodeled. Course, if I kept the whole thing, I could remodel the whole house and pay the contractors in cash! And maybe a new purse. Humm. I really have been wanting to remodel.

So would you keep the money? Would you give it back?

Read the story here


Mike said...

I would try like heck to keep the money. I too would be worried about the hidden camera test.

Heck, I almost dread walking up on a wallet, on one hand there might be $820 in it, on the other hand, somebody might be watchin' me !!...that's presumptious :?......but a wallet is a little more likely to hold a driver license/id.

.....keep it

MsOktober said...

The wallet thing would be a for sure turn it in because of the candid camera thing. That's exactly the kind of thing they do on those shows.


You could take it home or back to the office or whatever and hold onto it for a day....see what happens. If no one comes asking you about it, then it's a pretty sure thing there is no camera and you can nab the cash and turn it in saying you found it without cash.


Then you have to deal with karma. I am a big believer in karma. So if you take the $820're gonna run into some pretty nasty karma as a result.


If I find a wallet with money....turning it in. But if I find a tire....well, that is a different story. It's not "tied" to a person and I'd do better things with it than buy drugs.

How's that for a lot of BS reasoning?