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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I think I need a vacation. Really.

I am finding myself at the end of my rope by midday these days at work. I just can't stand anyone I work with. It didn't used to be like this....there were people I tolerated. And I don't mean that to sound so harsh. I just mean that I could deal with them all day at work but by the end of the day it was good to go home and be done with them. However, now I find myself avoiding just about everyone because I can't deal with all the BS. I just really need time away from here....for like a month. Sucks. If I found that 100K in the tire today....I'm keeping it and taking a leave of absence.

Anyway....I made cookies that look like butts with icing undies....

U ~ Undies!

So I must still have my sense of humor in tact.


Mike said...

Laughing at your post.....whew !! an old man type of laugh....the kind of laugh an old man bellows as he thinks "that young these days need to learn patience"

lol @ "...for like month. Sucks"

Not "it sucks"....just plain ol' "Sucks".

I've said it before, saying it again, people are the worst !.

Mike said...

good looking cookies by the way