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Monday, July 07, 2008

It was a nice long weekend. Sometimes 3 days weekends go really quickly, but this one actually took it's time. I was so happy on Friday because it felt like Saturday....but it wasn't!

Laura invited us to go swimming on the 4th and that was nice...pretty much was in the pool the whole time we were there. Skipped the fireworks....the traffic would have been horrible. All in all, a nice 4th.

I didn't touch my craft/office closet as I suggested I might. I almost went in there yesterday, but I took a nap instead. Napping is far better use of my time :)

Things at work....ugh. It's a really long story and a bit on the complicated side so I'm not going to get too detailed. The reclass I have been talking about over the last few months didn't get approved....or denied. There are just questions about the process and how my boss has handled things along with how out of date my job description is. There are just a lot of questions. So, it looks like the job will have to be opened for recruitment. Meaning, they have to post my job, have to interview, hopefully I get it. You might ask, "how could you not get it?" Well, first, I never in 100 years thought my job would be opened for recruitment, so that right there tells you anything can happen. The second thing is, I am qualified by experience, not schooling. The job category would require a college degree....and lord knows I don't have one of those. So if someone else applies for the job who is as qualified and has programming skills.....well....then I could be pretty well screwed. If my old department had not merged with the new department, I would not be worried. Not a bit. But this new department, things are much much different. The directors here don't know me....they don't have a clue who I am. So they will look at this very objectively.....and everyone will have a fair shot. Sure, I know the fine details, I don't need training, I've been doing it for what seems like my whole life, but that's only part of it. They tend to look at things long term, which I have to admit is smart. Things is, I might not be the best long term thing out and my lack or programming and all that crap. So my less than competent boss (honestly, she has sucked at this whole process from the start and is the reason I am in this predicament) is looking into all this and I should know this week what will end up happening. I've had nothing but bad news about it, so I'm feeling unsure of things. Wish me luck!

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